Age Defying Collection 

Age Defying Collection
This accurate, pinpoint applicator with a unique combination of ingredients and plant extracts is blended for maximum efficacy for a wrinkle restructuring appearance. Our YOUTH ELIXIR penetrates directly into the depth of every wrinkle and over time, deep wrinkles appear pushed up from within. 10 ml / 15 gr     
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A professional and unique detoxifying mask for soft and beautiful looking skin. Enriched with vitamins, this mask helps to revitalize the skin, and ensures a soft and supple looking complexion. This special formula assists in supporting the skin's natural functions and helps to prettify the complexion for a unified and beautiful appearance.      
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This professional collagen mask helps to increase the capacity of the skin to absorb moisture, so tired skin appears revitalized. The wrinkles and fine lines become less apparent and the skin’s protection against new wrinkles is reinforced. Leaves skin feeling luxuriously comfortable and supple.    
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This unique mud mask envelops the skin in ultimate luxury. Enriched with essential ingredients, it helps replenishes skin with energy and vitality for smooth, younger looking skin. From the moment of application, the complex immediately appears illuminated, plumped and soothed, ensuring a silky and refresh appearance.      
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